A description of a "Virtual Flyer"

Wikipedia has an excellent description of the word Flyer, and most people know what it means. So the virtual Flyer has all the same benefits plus some extra ones. An online Flyer is cheaper to produce, can be distributed worldwide for zero cost and contains important links to additional information.

To help you get the most from your next Flyer, I have created a help Flyer at Virtual Flyers

New Forums added

I am now a member of a number of UK Forums. Some are easier to use than others. All offer the chance to post messagees, but promotion work varies. What is normal on all Forums, is that you have to post a number of times before you can add a link to other information. (This is a good method as Google is able to follow such links).

The idea is to prevent the serious spammer. We all want to get our message out and have to find a way of working within the rules. To see the latest information added to the free resources Blog, see the Internet Support List in the Menu.

Using Forums to learn and promote

One of the great ways to "Talk up" your business is to join suitable Forums in your specific area of interest. Not a lot of benefits in joining a Forum which is US focused if you are based in Scotland.

Searching for Forums on Google is easy, typing in "uk business forum" finds 98 million, but the first few pages have enough. Most Forums have restrictions on your early posts and often you have to make 10 to 15 posts, which are sensible before you can post a url link. This is to prevent spammers flooding the Forum with links.

I have joined a number of UK Forums and will report on progress. The best Forums will be listed in the *Internet Support List" in the menu bar. This is a second Blog I maintain, which has information and links to useful information. The links are provided free of cost.



.eu Special Offer web address

For many companies, another website means more expense and time, maybe I can help. Only a registered address in Europe is allowed to register an .eu web address, so you need somebody in Europe to do it for you, if you are outside of this area.

A European website is great for feeding back into your existing website and or shows that you are really international. Please use the Contact form to send details.