An easy way to add a poll or survey, and it is free

The time between Christmas and the New Year are often a time to relax and play around. I found this free service from Google, which is suitable for web pages and Blogs. Expect to see many more used over the coming months.

I will be creating more examples and showing on the Drachsi website.


Don't forget to update your copyright year

Just a quick reminder to update all your copyright years to 2012 on 1st January, are as soon as possible. This is a great time to make other update changes and then create all new website sitemaps for your site.

Happy New Year


Why do SEO companies not practise what they preach?

Bit of free time today so I thought I would research SEO companies. Most of them state all the things they can do for you, but why don't they do it for their website? A classic is the html and xml site maps. It seems like a forgotten item for most webmasters, but it is very very important. Don't you forget.

More info at Website Sitemaps and examples.


Have you tried Disqus yet?

I visit a large number of websites every day as part of my research and marketing for companies. You will now often see a link to Disqus. This is a community resource that has significant benefits for marketing. I would suggest you first create your profile, then when you make posts your details are available to all other viewers, which has link direct to your website.

For this and other marketing ideas please see the Business Networking page on my site.


How Google treats your information

Google Uk has created information about how they use your data and what you should know. The link is Google UK


Drachsi is now a "Featured Website"

Being featured in an important online newsletter is very satisfying. Naturally there are still many steps to been taken, but it is a vote of confidence that the site meets certain standards.

This is publicity that you cannot purchase.


Additional links

New exciting additions have been made to the Business Networking page. If you use these resources, why not make a comment.


Drachsi back on-line

The website has been down due to hosting problems, sorry if you had problems. More information on business consultancy services at

Have you heard of WebberID ?

You may have heard and used LinkedIn for placing details about yourself on the employment market. Now there is an alternative, based in Europe. Check out to see if it is for you. I recommend it.


Providing a focal point for all suppliers of Small Business Services, B2B

A group Forum now offers the opportunity for companies that provide services and support as a B2B, to join, is now on-line. The address is Small Business Group

New YouTube video. A working example of what is possible with limited resources

With the minimum of resources it is possible to produce a short video using a few pictures and text. sound is also possible. This 1.15 minute video provides and addition link from YouTube and can also spread throughout the net as other people link to it and pass comments. A viral marketing idea.

Not for every company, but as links are one of the most important things a webmaster has to do, every day, then this is an easy solution.

New website format now ready

It has taken some time to convert and modify the layout and style of the Drachsi website. Still work to be done adding the missing pages, and creating a new YouTube business video.


I would like to recommend a useful book

Sometimes a book comes into your hands that you wondered how you every lived without it. If you own or maintain a website this book is packed with up to date ideas, solutions and is a great reference source. Hope you enjoy.

PayPal and Ebay Address problems

If you change address and do not update your address records with either PayPal or Ebay, they conduct a credit card to address detail check, and if after 3 attempts, it does not match. Your credit card is blocked for EVER. There is no way to request the card to be re-activated, you just have use another card, or get a replacement.

Make certain your PayPal and Ebay profiles are up to date.

Web Mystery Shopper Blog launched

A Blog for website mystery shopping has been launched today.

Now you have the opportunity to follow all three blogs.

Drachsi Website Blog
Ideas and Solutions Blog
Mystery Shopper for websites 


Consider for a moment, would you buy this product?

We provide a personal service to business customers requiring maintenance of their company website sitemap. A site map is considered vital for successful indexing. We conducted a small survey and found more than 90% of the sitemap providers did not even use their own product on their website. So why purchase from them?

Press Releases do work

As part of our plan to encourage more companies to use their website sitemaps more effectively, we have submitted a short press release to PressBox. Here is the release 50% don't have a sitemap This is an excellent method to publicise useful information.


Drachsi is offering to create 12 sitemaps for £45

You need a sitemap for your website. There are 12 different types, if you don't have the time, you can purchase all 12 on the current date for £45 UK pounds. This is a major reason why the search engines index some websites better than others, they know what is in the site, what it is about and when it was last updated. A good investment and early benefits. A quick sitemap application form is here


Website mystery shopper, reviews and audit

Now, more than ever, it is important to know how a visitor sees your business website. This is a very neglected part of most company Internet plans. Sometimes this is called a website review or website audit.

In reality what is important, is how a potential customer locates the information they are seeking, and proceeds to the point of sale if applicable.

Mystery Shopping of departmental stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. is common, but most company websites nearly always gets forgotten. There is more than just reporting broken links, it is the whole customer experience, and then there are practical ideas, solutions, not forgeting the very important sitemaps.

If you need a resource to review your website, here is the link to addition information on Website Mystery Shopping.

Management need to talk to the Webmaster or design company urgently

Senior management including Sales and Marketing, depend on the full operation of the company website, but there is a problem.

Maybe Management is not interested in the Internet, and leaves it to the web design department or outsourced to a web design company. The design company is too busy to check if there are visitor problems, anyway they don't get paid for it. A small survey of 60 websites I visited, every one from small to global had a problem. Problems mean potentially lost business.

You may have seen the earlier posts about Mystery Shoppers. If the same care was taken by companies of their website, both the company and customer would benefit. Need an independent reviewer of your website, often takes about an hour, and you as get suggestions and recommendations included. The contact form is here.


Mystery Shopper information updated

Additional information has been added to the Mystery Shopper page. See the ethics guide and the general guide for all Mystery Shoppers.

Mystery Shopper

There are many great websites which work perfectly, but some fail the mystery shopper test. What is a mystery shopper? In the normal sense, it means a person checks out a store or shop, and reports back to the shop how the customer services works, sales staff actions etc. The shopper is not visually known to the store.

The same thing happens to websites. See Mystery Shopper. I visited a very well known company website which is for channel crossings between France and the UK. The menu only allows you to book from the UK, not from Europe. So I guess customers go to another website. Could be 30-50% lost sales.

Maybe you have designed your website and are really pleased with the results, but what are the experiences of your visitors?

Increasing the chances of your pages being list higher in search results

You can increase the chances of your pages being listed higher in search results by moving your optimised pages into the main root directory of your website. Both Google and Bing favour these pages more than pages deeper down in your website. Between 40%-50% of results are pages listed in the root directory, down to 6% for pages 3 levels deep.


The UK is planning changes to "Summer Time"

The UK Government is planning to add one hour to the traditional "Summer Time" as reported in the Guardian newspaper. I am a member of a business Forum and have set up a poll, if you have time, worth visiting.


Now you can use a lot more Fonts on your Blogs and web pages

Here is an example of a Google font that is available direct from the Google Font Directory, and embedded into a Blog post. You can do the same with your webpages. To see what is available, here is the Google Font Directory.


Open a shopping cart on your Facebook page and sell

With 500 plus million users, there has to be the opportunity to sell. Now you can have a shopping cart built into your Facebook page. For small businessess and large companies, the extra opportunity to push your products and services should not be missed. can help, or you can do it yourself by visiting the Facebook shopping services provider at There are examples of companies using the cart in multiple currencies.


Free website from Microsoft now live

Spent an interest few days creating a free website from a range of Microsoft modules. The site is now live, and I look forward to monitoring the website reports which are part of the package. If need a free advert website see my example here. Business Services.


The Microsoft Office Live Small Business is a must have tool

Have you heard of the free Microsoft Office Live small business website creation tool? Worth all the effort to get an excellent web design tool for the smaller company. The site I have just registered is at Still early days, but I am very impressed with the standard of modules and the flexibility offered. More later.


Free business website if you are based in the UK

You might be interested in setting a free UK business website. The information for webmaster and web promotion companies is at Free Business Website. Enjoy

Flash embed code for Firefox and Explorer

I've just created a 60 second video and saved as a Flash file. The normal embed code did not work, so I found this one on the Internet. You need to change the file name, and Directory to suit your file. Having a Flash file is great for a business video, if you need to have a link. I have embedded the file in this blog. You can see how this loads in a normal website at

The code is here Enjoy


Boost your search engine results

Most web designers know that adding an "alt" tag to images on web pages is very important, did you know you can increase your page ranking by add a "title" tag as well?
I use Microsoft Expression for page designing, and it does not have this opportunity to add, so it is a hard code job. Here is the code you need
title="Title text will show up when mouse is over the image" Add this after the "alt" code. This provides more information about your page, and information for the visitor to your website.

Here is a working example.

Free Directory listing on

Hope it helps.