An easy way to add a poll or survey, and it is free

The time between Christmas and the New Year are often a time to relax and play around. I found this free service from Google, which is suitable for web pages and Blogs. Expect to see many more used over the coming months.

I will be creating more examples and showing on the Drachsi website.


Don't forget to update your copyright year

Just a quick reminder to update all your copyright years to 2012 on 1st January, are as soon as possible. This is a great time to make other update changes and then create all new website sitemaps for your site.

Happy New Year


Why do SEO companies not practise what they preach?

Bit of free time today so I thought I would research SEO companies. Most of them state all the things they can do for you, but why don't they do it for their website? A classic is the html and xml site maps. It seems like a forgotten item for most webmasters, but it is very very important. Don't you forget.

More info at Website Sitemaps and examples.


Have you tried Disqus yet?

I visit a large number of websites every day as part of my research and marketing for companies. You will now often see a link to Disqus. This is a community resource that has significant benefits for marketing. I would suggest you first create your profile, then when you make posts your details are available to all other viewers, which has link direct to your website.

For this and other marketing ideas please see the Business Networking page on my site.


How Google treats your information

Google Uk has created information about how they use your data and what you should know. The link is Google UK


Drachsi is now a "Featured Website"

Being featured in an important online newsletter is very satisfying. Naturally there are still many steps to been taken, but it is a vote of confidence that the site meets certain standards.

This is publicity that you cannot purchase.