A resource for individuals and companies

It is important to have as many opportunities as possible to promote yourself and your company. Here is a great resource which is indexed by the major search engines and is complimentary to your other on-line links. You may have heard of Linkedin but this is the link. Great for publishing your skills and helps in finding employment. You can link to your website and Blog. Recommended.

Have you heard about Brownbook?

I read an item on Tradespace about a free directory that "Anyone can edit" The address is Brownbook There are already more than 27 million members. This looks like a great idea for spreading your message and building quality links.

I report back as things progress.


Communities, the new way to provide customer support

Just a quick update to inform you that the Community Lens on Squidoo has been published. Owning your own Community, which provides help, support for visitors and customers is a great way to provide customer service. Need help?, please send an email with details. The link is Communities

When did you last check your website?

Today, I wanted to post to DIGG, but they use an image to verify I am human, but the image would not load. Their "report a bug" also has an image that would not load. So I could not post a great link or report a problem.

Do you have somebody checking out your links and website as a typical user? Visitors and customers only give you 20 seconds to interest them or they leave. All that effort, it only takes one small error to lose your visitors and customers.

Some great websites but why don't they use a favicon?

I save many great sites to favorites, and to the desk top, but many websites don't use a favicon, so every thing has the same image. Create and use a favicon and make your website stand out from the crowd.


Just added a great, free SEO tool to the list

There are many free and paid for tools to find out how your website is seen by search engines and how you are rated in the indexes. I have added new resource to the "Internet Support List" in the menu bar, where you will find a growing selection of top quality links, tools and solutions.

Rated one of the best tools you can use in realtime.