YouTube can be your best marketing decision this year.

One of the problems of creating a professional video for YouTube is the cost. But many companies already have images, photographs and existing copy. Now there is a professional way to turn this into a YouTube video and show a link back to your existing website. You can also create a Flash file which allows for interactive buttons and much more. Worth considering if you are a tight budget.

Here is a link to a Squidoo page called Your YouTube or get yourself this software Software Download (Opens in a new window). Trusted and safe software from a major software company. A YouTube video contains, a Title, Description and Keywords, so make certain these are set, so that search engines can easily index the information. Great for your Page Ranking. No video? use text and images, here is a simple YouTube environmental message.

Cloud Computing for SEO work

Cloud computing basically refers to the technology of using resources hosted by service providers. But Cloud computing can also refer to the use of multi resources for Search Engine Optimisation. Nowday's it is not enough to format the web page correctly for Bing, Google etc, to get a higher page ranking. I have assembled some information how to use Cloud Computing in your company.

Have you visited the Bank of Industry yet?

Many companies large and small, are suffering at this time from lack of credit. With central bank lending rates low, national and international banks can borrow at low cost, but then they either do not lend at all, or lend at 15% or more. Now every government should think how it can supply the funds needed by the companies which employ people, reduce unemployment and get exports growing again. Existing banks need a competitor. The answer is the Bank of Industry