How to market a website on a small budget

Marketing on a budget

Time and time again it seems the same old questions keep getting asked. How can a company market a website on a small budget?

Some owners decide to advertise and in the end there is very little to show for the expenditure. Using Google type ads needs skills more than most companies possess.

Realistically you are unlike to list on the first page of search results.

Faced with that, what should a company do? Assuming all the standard SEO steps have been taken, there are a number of possibilities.

Building a personal Sales Network

The big guy's do it, so can you. Affiliates has got a bad name over the years, but the core solution remains valid. A Sales Network which remains under your control and you pay only for results agreed upon.

You will already know that Amazon is great example of a company paying for results to all it's affiliates. Major airlines, all the hotel groups, software suppliers, fashion stores, the list is endless. You can join one of a number of Affiliate marketing companies but will need a realistic budget and must meet their terms and conditions. Hosted Affiliates offers a low cost method to create and own your own Affiliate Network, Check out the details, you might be surprised at how affordable it is.

Link Building

It is a well known fact, the more quality links which point to your main business website the better. It is also a fact that nobody really creates links to another site unless there is a compelling reason. So the solution is to create a number of difference websites, each with a unique message. Costs are very low and you remain in control. They are sometimes called micro landing pages.

Directory Listings

There are a number of good quality Business Directory's serving particular market sectors, or maybe a local area. In the UK a good example is the Northampton Directory which offers all the benefits of a micro landing page and currently offers a 6 month free listing.

Blogs and Forums

Another solution if time is available is to make posts to suitable Blogs, start your own Blog and become a member of suitable Forums. One of the most common is LinkedIn.

If you need help, or require somebody to take on this work for you, here is a link to a request form.