Sydication of information

Image and Photograph names are important.

Nowadays there are many techniques and resources to spread the word about your product and services. The new changes by Google mean that even more care should be taken when preparing and using a website for business.

If you open Google and type your company name, click on the image menu and now you will see all the images associated with the name. What is important is that all images is now clickable, so this provides another link to your site if people are searching for images. You will notice the name of the image is important, with the right name, more quality links.

P32745-4577.jpg really does nothing to boost your links, business-marketing-ideas.jpg will have a far greater impact, especially if your business is called "Marketing Ideas" Type in your name for example john + smith and be amazed at the results, all link to the point where the image is located. So be careful what names are used privately anf for your business.

Need Business Networking ideas? the link is worth your effort.