Virtual Webmaster Services. How to use the services to save time and money

A short 2 minute video which covers the use of a Virtual Webmaster Services to help with all aspects of a business website, from general maintenance, add new features, creating unique website sitemaps and boosting visitor numbers.

To create this video I first created it in PowerPoint and then saved as a video, I also created a pdf file if you would rather read off line Virtual Webmaster Services

Webmaster Services page updated

The normal Virtual Webmaster website has a lot of information suitable for Webmasters and skilled Internet users. The problem is the company or business owner who does not have the time or knowledge to do what is necessary to maintain and market a business website.

A small site called Webmaster Services is targeted at this business owner, and hopefully presents ideas and solutions to help grow the company. Let me know what you think.



More and more people work away from the company base

There are many times being able to see another persons monitor screen can be useful. I new product/service which is free for the basic set-up is available from  Worth considering if you need to collaborate.

Let me know if it works for you.


I happy today. Google likes me at last.

Just did a check on Google UK and both of my websites are in the top 10 for Virtual Webmaster. Now you know who to turn to when you did website support. The images are links.


Managing Groups on LinkedIn

I have created two Groups on LinkedIn to understand the interaction between a Group owner and members. Both of the following Groups serve an important area.

The first is for members of any Chamber of Commerce member that does not have a Group to join. the url is Chamber of Commerce

As a Squidoo Lensmaster, you can now join a Group dedicated to all types of Squidoo Lenses.

These Groups enable you to make posts and interact with other members. See you there?

This months very special free offer, is now on the home page

Spreading the word in exchange for a something which has value, has been used many times. Today I am using a very new idea that lets you have the item free of charge, in exchange for using your Twitter or Facebook account. The home page is