How good is your companies "Shop Window"

I have been looking at a large number of international websites lately, and have noticed many of the pages are years out of date, copyright dates from as far back as 2002, menus that don't work, images which do not exist and email addresses which do not work. Then firms and organisations wonder why there is no business.

On a recent trip I visited a small company and was impressed with their product. On arriving back home I went to the website and sent an email, and nobody has bothered to reply. Do the management know this is happening? or do they just don't care.

My advice is to get an independent person, with web experience, to go through the site and make a report, so that things can be updated. If you own a shop, would you leave it full of rubbish and no lights on?, well you should take care of your website, which is your shop window to the world.

BT Tradespace. My advice, Wait

A good example. Tradespace is international, and there are many users from all over the world. But now, if you are located, i.e. Miami, Paris, Berlin, all are listed as in the UK, because that is the only choice available. So at the moment I would not recommend anybody from joining.

Why have the company considered pilot testing with a small number of users? This definitely hurts the companies reputation.