Website mystery shopper, reviews and audit

Now, more than ever, it is important to know how a visitor sees your business website. This is a very neglected part of most company Internet plans. Sometimes this is called a website review or website audit.

In reality what is important, is how a potential customer locates the information they are seeking, and proceeds to the point of sale if applicable.

Mystery Shopping of departmental stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. is common, but most company websites nearly always gets forgotten. There is more than just reporting broken links, it is the whole customer experience, and then there are practical ideas, solutions, not forgeting the very important sitemaps.

If you need a resource to review your website, here is the link to addition information on Website Mystery Shopping.

Management need to talk to the Webmaster or design company urgently

Senior management including Sales and Marketing, depend on the full operation of the company website, but there is a problem.

Maybe Management is not interested in the Internet, and leaves it to the web design department or outsourced to a web design company. The design company is too busy to check if there are visitor problems, anyway they don't get paid for it. A small survey of 60 websites I visited, every one from small to global had a problem. Problems mean potentially lost business.

You may have seen the earlier posts about Mystery Shoppers. If the same care was taken by companies of their website, both the company and customer would benefit. Need an independent reviewer of your website, often takes about an hour, and you as get suggestions and recommendations included. The contact form is here.


Mystery Shopper information updated

Additional information has been added to the Mystery Shopper page. See the ethics guide and the general guide for all Mystery Shoppers.