PayPal and Ebay Address problems

If you change address and do not update your address records with either PayPal or Ebay, they conduct a credit card to address detail check, and if after 3 attempts, it does not match. Your credit card is blocked for EVER. There is no way to request the card to be re-activated, you just have use another card, or get a replacement.

Make certain your PayPal and Ebay profiles are up to date.

Web Mystery Shopper Blog launched

A Blog for website mystery shopping has been launched today.

Now you have the opportunity to follow all three blogs.

Drachsi Website Blog
Ideas and Solutions Blog
Mystery Shopper for websites 


Consider for a moment, would you buy this product?

We provide a personal service to business customers requiring maintenance of their company website sitemap. A site map is considered vital for successful indexing. We conducted a small survey and found more than 90% of the sitemap providers did not even use their own product on their website. So why purchase from them?

Press Releases do work

As part of our plan to encourage more companies to use their website sitemaps more effectively, we have submitted a short press release to PressBox. Here is the release 50% don't have a sitemap This is an excellent method to publicise useful information.


Drachsi is offering to create 12 sitemaps for £45

You need a sitemap for your website. There are 12 different types, if you don't have the time, you can purchase all 12 on the current date for £45 UK pounds. This is a major reason why the search engines index some websites better than others, they know what is in the site, what it is about and when it was last updated. A good investment and early benefits. A quick sitemap application form is here