Adding a Bookmark button is a good idea

It is a good idea to add a Bookmark button to you Blogs and Web pages. Here is my version which is free.

Get you own free version


New Squidoo Lens about BT Tradespace

I have created a new Lens about the business portal BT Tradespace If you want to create your very own business profile, this is the place to do it, and it's free.

I joined Tradespace, but it is early days yet

A free site to promote your company or business is at Tradespace, part of BT, a British Teleco. Anybody can join for free, you can see my listing Tradespace here. Get in with your name now, before the best names are gone, there are already more than 200,000 listed, worldwide.


Having a "favicon" is important

Many companies have still not understood that having a "favicon" associated with their web url is important. You know, if you save a link, how easy it is to find, if it has it's own icon. 5 minutes of work is all it takes, but great for the user.

Here is the definition from Wikipedia and here is a quick method how to make them FavIcon


Another super resource to tell you about

Normally, when you find a great resource, you keep the information to yourself, as it gives you a strategic advantage. Not my way. Here is a great company that provides Hosting Services, Domain Registration and a great deal more. I use them for private websites, and for my customers. Great customer support, and if you are on a minimum budget, you can use a holding page. Here is my example. Drachsi

Creating and using a unique name can be harmful

Posting on Blogs and in Forums is very common, you can use this if you are company to promote product and services. If you are an individual, you should be aware that your name and it's postings are index by the major search engines, and can still be available years later.

Employment companies now do searches of user names to find more about you, interests, hobbies, politics. It has a good and a bad side.

Joining Forums, and the name you should use.

Joining Forums related to your business or interests is a good idea, but plan ahead when selecting your Forum name.

Try to use your business name or a keyword. If you type the name into Google, it will list all postings and links where you have used this name, a great link building solution.

Maybe a better way to search?

There are so many solutions to searching for information, most people stay with their favourite. Sometimes there is an idea which is worth considering. This solution takes normal searching to a new level as it combines voting by the people, for the people. Check it out here. Worth looking into, it is free.

New Virtual Office resource added

You can find a link in the menu bar (Internet Support List) to a great, free online resource using "Cloud Computing" This is a virtual office which you manage and can be accessed from any browser in the world. (Naturally with Login and password control). Great if you are travelling, storing info., etc. You get 15Gb for free, worth joining, My selected resource of 2009.