How would you increase sales?

Every company needs sales

Winning sales is a permanent challenge for most companies. The Internet has made it a lot easier, but now there are also a lot more competitors. It is a never ending battle, one you have to win to stay in business, so what to do?

A simple but effective solution is to use some existing technology which you control and manage. If you had never thought of this idea, it's never to late to start.

There is now a lot more information to interest the Affiliate Marketeer, with articles, videos and naturally the opportunity to join the Hosted Affiliate program and earn a fiver.

Working for yourself or a company?

Sales are important

Every business needs a steady stream of sales to survive. In today's marketplace with millions of competitors online, and high costs of a bricks and mortar business, every new sales source is to be considered.

What is a new sale worth? Only you can decide, Maybe a fixed amount or a percentage is the easiest method, then at least you are prepared. Affiliate Marketing has been around for a long, in fact for thousands of years. It may a payment as a "thank you" for an introduction, hopefully not bribery, or as a payment to "commission only" salesperson.

Affiliate Marketing for your business

Thousands of different types of businesses can benefit from owning and managing a private Affiliate Network, and it is not expensive. Image if a thousand Websites and Blogs all started talking about your company and it's products and services, and you only pay your agent or affiliate for a sale.

Management Control

A private Affiliate Marketing Program provides individual companies with control of a new sales network with a potential to increase sales from sources that never existed before. More information on a Affiliate Marketing program that you can own.

A solution to an old problem

The problem, "How to increase sales"

There are many ways to increase sales, and each company has it own preferred methods. The Internet has radically changed how companies market and sell product and services. Social Networking has taken a prime position in marketing efforts to push sales up.

The SEOclinic has created an interesting article that shows new light on an existing solution that can be adapted to small and medium company use.

When asked, what is a sale worth, only individual companies can supply the information, but armed with this figure, a highly effect marketing tool is available, that is used by some of the largest companies in the world.

SEOclinic provides a money back guarantee Webcheck

Own a website? Start with a webcheck and then decide if you want to follow the recommendations yourself, or use the extensive web audit report to challenge your existing website support team. You don't have to understand html code to follow our advice.
SEOclinic provides a money back guarantee Web Audit

"Web Audit services from SEOclinic. When was your last web audit?."

"Web Audit services from SEOclinic. When was your last web audit?.":

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Web Audit services from SEOclinic. When was your last web audit?.

Web Audit services from SEOclinic. When was your last web audit?

Auditing business accounts is normal, but when did you last consider auditing your company website?

A Web Audit or Website Audit can be a fast track method to understanding how your website is performing. For £50 you receive a human created 25 sector report, with analysis and recommendations.

Report pages from a Web Audit

Web Audit

A Web Audit or Website Audit

There are thousands of companies offering SEO services, and there is a wide range of free material for those that like to do it themselves. The problem is Time. There is never enough to do all the things which are important, and that is before managing a business.

A UK company with a wealth of experience has produce a web audit formula that identifies 24 individual areas into an easy to understand report. Each report is based on evaluation and review of your website.

For more information and to request a report click on Web Audit now. It's not free, but is great value.


For American Webmasters and SEO consultants

There is a "Boot Camp" shortly which you just might be interested in, if you are in anyway concerned with SEO (search engine optization) or variations of this important subject.

For more information please read this article If you have ideas which could help, please make a comment with details.

Sydication of information

Image and Photograph names are important.

Nowadays there are many techniques and resources to spread the word about your product and services. The new changes by Google mean that even more care should be taken when preparing and using a website for business.

If you open Google and type your company name, click on the image menu and now you will see all the images associated with the name. What is important is that all images is now clickable, so this provides another link to your site if people are searching for images. You will notice the name of the image is important, with the right name, more quality links.

P32745-4577.jpg really does nothing to boost your links, business-marketing-ideas.jpg will have a far greater impact, especially if your business is called "Marketing Ideas" Type in your name for example john + smith and be amazed at the results, all link to the point where the image is located. So be careful what names are used privately anf for your business.

Need Business Networking ideas? the link is worth your effort.


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