Using PDF files, can increase Page Ranking

Most people are familiar with pdf files, and many programs are capable of turning an existing document into a .pdf version. A number of different readers, like the ubiquitous Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader are available. There is a current security issue with pdf files that could run executable code. So always be careful which file you read. A fix maybe available soon, so always get the latest versions. What I like about a pdf file is that it is cross platform and widely accepted as the standard for Internet documents. Whilst .pdf is open source, the very basic root coding is still managed by Adobe. For more information on the security issue check out The Register

For my customers, I like to convert any existing document, and turn it into a useful pdf document, that is easily index by Search Engines. This is just another part of SEO work. Setting the correct Metadata in a pdf ensures it is indexed correctly, and increases your overall Page Ranking. Sound, video, interactive forms can be included