Great solutions come from unexpected sources

I have been having a problem with a WordPress Theme I purchased. The support company sent a link to a website which you also might find very useful.

Everybody knows you can do a "screen dump" to capture an image of what is on your monitor screen, but when actions on a website are needed, traditionally, software has been used to capture a video, now there is another method, and it is free. is the link. This a very special solution, you can embed the created HD video file, save as a MP4 file, or even post as a YouTube video. You may ask, why is this web based idea useful? If you are operating in any type of online support function, the ability to have your customer record what is happening on their screen, can save many email messages, and lots of time. There are other applications that can benefit from a video recording of what is going on screen, i.e Webcam, Skype, or instructions. Like this post? see more ideas on the website, which provides Website Adviser services.