Adding icons in front of a link

When creating lists, I always think it is nice to show a descriptive icon before the link. I know you can do this using images, but this technique uses css. See how it looks from the "Internet Markerting List" in the menu bar.

My Lens is number 1 in Page Rankings

A search on Google for "creating lenses" which is one of my many Lenses on Squidoo produced the result number 1 from over 4 million. This is the goal of all websites, Bloggers and Squidoo'ers for their creations. Creating Squidoo Lenses make a lot of sense, and should be part of your on-line efforts.

Just imagine if I did this for you. All the knowledge, know-how, commitment and time I have, to make your Internet resources work for you.

40 years of marketing, with 12 years in the Internet sector is available.

Use the contact form to send details of your requirements

Squidoo Lens updated

The Squidoo Lens I created about the "Bank of Industry" has just been
updated. No selling just an opportunity to promote a banking idea and let you
discuss the issues. A Blog is a great method to update all links simultaneously.
The address is Bank of Industry Please visit and see what is possible with Squidoo.

Time, have you noticed, nobody has time anymore

Remember when you were young? the long days, waiting for something to happen took ages. Now as we are older, there is not enough time in the day. If you manage a company, there is even less time available, as staff cut-backs mean there are even more things to do.

If you need some help, it's time to contact me. Maintaining your webpages, updating sitemaps and running a Blog are all things that should be done every week, and then there is creating new stuff. Why not see if my broad international marketing and Internet skills can help you.

New Squidoo Lenses created

I have just published a new Squidoo Lenses about One to One Marketing. The
address is One2One

If you have never heard of Squidoo, there is information available and a simple
step by step guide to get you going. If you need help, please use the contact



The benefit of an outsider checking your website.

This is a true story and ongoing at the moment.

There is a very well known airline with an extensive range of customer features, but still it has a major customer problem.

A service was requested, which required payment by credit card. The airline uses an outside company to process the payment, but when the form is completed, a message is displayed "card not accepted". A couple of long phone calls produced the response, it's not the Airline, but the Card Processor. Contacting the Card Processor produced the reply, "Not us" it's the Airline.

I tried 3 times and on checking with my card company, they have 3 payments outstanding, and provided the authorization code. Back to the Airline, not us it's the card company. This is still on-going.

If there is a customer problem, everybody passes it on to somebody else. There is no-way anybody accepts the problem is theirs.

The website should have been evaluated by an outsider, as a potential customer, and there should be a process internally, that flags any technical problem a customer has.

The customer should never, never, have to try solve a problem with the website.

Have you had your website checked from the outside? if not maybe you should contact me.


Have you heard about Bing? (Not Crosby)

Bing is the new search engine from Microsoft. For Web masters it is important that you register and add the Meta code to your website. This makes it more certain that your site will be index. Need help looking after all the things you have to do and have no time?, contact me, I can help.


Google Page Ranking video

Everybody is trying to get the best Page Ranking, here is a short Google video that explains the benefit of server location.