The benefit of an outsider checking your website.

This is a true story and ongoing at the moment.

There is a very well known airline with an extensive range of customer features, but still it has a major customer problem.

A service was requested, which required payment by credit card. The airline uses an outside company to process the payment, but when the form is completed, a message is displayed "card not accepted". A couple of long phone calls produced the response, it's not the Airline, but the Card Processor. Contacting the Card Processor produced the reply, "Not us" it's the Airline.

I tried 3 times and on checking with my card company, they have 3 payments outstanding, and provided the authorization code. Back to the Airline, not us it's the card company. This is still on-going.

If there is a customer problem, everybody passes it on to somebody else. There is no-way anybody accepts the problem is theirs.

The website should have been evaluated by an outsider, as a potential customer, and there should be a process internally, that flags any technical problem a customer has.

The customer should never, never, have to try solve a problem with the website.

Have you had your website checked from the outside? if not maybe you should contact me.