The Microsoft Office Live Small Business is a must have tool

Have you heard of the free Microsoft Office Live small business website creation tool? Worth all the effort to get an excellent web design tool for the smaller company. The site I have just registered is at Still early days, but I am very impressed with the standard of modules and the flexibility offered. More later.


Free business website if you are based in the UK

You might be interested in setting a free UK business website. The information for webmaster and web promotion companies is at Free Business Website. Enjoy

Flash embed code for Firefox and Explorer

I've just created a 60 second video and saved as a Flash file. The normal embed code did not work, so I found this one on the Internet. You need to change the file name, and Directory to suit your file. Having a Flash file is great for a business video, if you need to have a link. I have embedded the file in this blog. You can see how this loads in a normal website at

The code is here Enjoy


Boost your search engine results

Most web designers know that adding an "alt" tag to images on web pages is very important, did you know you can increase your page ranking by add a "title" tag as well?
I use Microsoft Expression for page designing, and it does not have this opportunity to add, so it is a hard code job. Here is the code you need
title="Title text will show up when mouse is over the image" Add this after the "alt" code. This provides more information about your page, and information for the visitor to your website.

Here is a working example.

Free Directory listing on

Hope it helps.