You can do a lot with YouTube

Using YouTube to your advantage

YouTube is a great method to launch new products, visual backup to operating instructions, run a marketing campagne, the list is extensive.

Below are 3 examples of YouTube.

Princes Charles Rainforest video. A powerful message seen and viewed around the world.

Here is an example of a German company showing step by step instructions how to assemble a DIY fly screen.

An example of using multiple YouTube videos in on frame.

Drachselsried YouTube videos from the Bayerischer


Benefits of using YouTube for your company.

It is free and available worldwide.

The YouTube link url provided can be used in all types of marketing from Blogs, Websites and printed material.

The original video can be created using everyday video editing software, Flash can be used as well. 5 to 6 minutes is recommended as the maximum time.

Easy for anybody to view or add to their Blogs or websites.

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