It takes time to spread your message

Marketing a service or product can be expensive. If you only have a small budget or plan to do it all yourself, be prepared to be disappointed. There are many free resource, you need to register, set up your profile and then use the resource.

If the resource does not like your profile, you just get deleted, often without any feedback, typical censorship. Then there are the companies offering a service you are willing to pay for, you send details, then nothing.

It is important for your on-line reputation, you maintain a good relationship with potential and existing customers. The reason is, you never know if they have a popular Blog or website and you have just missed out on some positive comments and links.

Good for most sites is a ticketing system. Your customers can post their comments, and receive your reply on a "one to one" basis. You get to know more about customer needs and trends, which can help with your current marketing.