Working for yourself or a company?

Sales are important

Every business needs a steady stream of sales to survive. In today's marketplace with millions of competitors online, and high costs of a bricks and mortar business, every new sales source is to be considered.

What is a new sale worth? Only you can decide, Maybe a fixed amount or a percentage is the easiest method, then at least you are prepared. Affiliate Marketing has been around for a long, in fact for thousands of years. It may a payment as a "thank you" for an introduction, hopefully not bribery, or as a payment to "commission only" salesperson.

Affiliate Marketing for your business

Thousands of different types of businesses can benefit from owning and managing a private Affiliate Network, and it is not expensive. Image if a thousand Websites and Blogs all started talking about your company and it's products and services, and you only pay your agent or affiliate for a sale.

Management Control

A private Affiliate Marketing Program provides individual companies with control of a new sales network with a potential to increase sales from sources that never existed before. More information on a Affiliate Marketing program that you can own.