Frustration at websites

I am planning to purchase a new TV with an Internet connection, and like many people use Amazon to check prices and specs. Sony looked good, but no details of the Internet connection. Trying to send an enquiry was a waste of time, unless I wanted to phone or complete a a form with lots of questions. I did not bother. Sony is off my list for not being very customer friendly.

Samsung showed a TV had WiFi but not a cable connection, sending an email was easy, with an auto reply within two minutes. Looking forward to the reply.

If you are like me, you use the Internet to find and locate specific information. Filling in unnecessary forms just as an enquiry is one way to turn off potential customers.

Make it easy on your website for customers to make contact, using a simple form, you can always request more details after contact. Think like a potential customer or let me do a Website Review, then you may have answers to questions, nobody has ever asked.