Cost cutting and a better service

Many companies still do not use a ticketing system, or on-line help desk for customers visiting a business website. Evaluation of some popular websites will often show these services are provided.

If a visitor has arrived at a site, can they find what they are looking for, if not, how do they request assistance? If you do not help and provide support, they will go to your competitor.

There are many resources, free and paid for, that can support you and your customer. A simple free version is used and available at Website Support Services. This can be operated within most companies, or outsourced to just about anybody in the world. Simple and effective.

Many companies have outsourced customer care and support to international companies, which can provide excellent services for the bigger company, but are not very useful for the smaller company, unless the support is provided locally. This can be achieved by setting up a support network of helpers, with the required knowledge and experience. Paid by the hour or support time this would suit many house bound members of the community. This can be part of your "Nudge" project. More about this exciting idea now being used on websites.